A Place for Women to Come Expecting… Hope, Peace, and Joy

Reaching mothers, we reach the families. Reaching families, we reach the community. Reaching community, we reach the nations!

About Season of Hope

Providing much needed care for Mothers and Children.

Too many mothers die in birth. Too many children’s lives are lost due to preventable problems. Directed attention to these injustices will change the course of millions of lives. Without further improvements, the number of African women and children who die will continue to increase.

  • In Mali, Africa, 1 in 5 children will die before age 15
  • An African woman has a 1 in 32 risk of dying from pregnancy-related causes, while the equivalent figure in most developed countries is 1 in 4,900

You can help us make a change.


Our goal is to raise $350k by December 1ˢᵗ, 2023, to impact communities locally and abroad.


Our midwives have attended over 6,000 births, reaching the communities that need it most!


Our outreach impacts local communities here in the U.S. and over 2 million Malians in numerous communities and villages across Mali, Africa.

Meeting Needs of Women in Our Local Community

Our headquarters are located out of Zephyrhills, Florida where we continue to care for families through community outreach. Our vision was launched during a conversation between 2 midwives that serve at a birth center in Zephyrhills. An African midwife and an American midwife that had served this community together for several years were talking about the maternal disparities both in America and in Africa, although different, equally as important. From this conversation, we moved our hearts. We are here and our hearts are both here and in Mali, Africa. We wish to be the change we want to see. Please consider helping us save lives and bring hope both locally and abroad.

Our Local Work
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Be Part of the Impact

We are inviting you to partner with us! This vision takes a multitude of willing believers to touch our community and beyond with the HOPE. What skills or talents has God given you? Would you consider being a prayer partner? Perhaps you would like to teach a cooking class to young mothers, or would like to volunteer in our community garden. There is room for YOU!

Meeting Needs of Women in Mali, Africa

Our vision is achieved through the inclusion of loving staff and volunteers that will incorporate resources, such as prayer, evidence based midwifery care, safe birthing services, food pantries, and however else God leads. 

Our Work Abroad
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Leaving a Legacy

We believe in training up members of the local community to meet the need rather than only meeting temporal needs directly. Season of Hope has partnered with a local Malian midwifery school to train up Malian midwives to serve in their own communities. Season of Hope also hires these midwives to serve their communities without worrying about their job security. In this way, each community will have a trusted community member to help serve that community. It is our core belief that no woman, child, or family should ever suffer and die based on geographic location, and especially that no one should go without HOPE!

Mali is the 13th most dangerous country in the world for women giving birth.

In 2020, child mortality rate for Mali was 91 deaths per 1,000 live births.

Mali’s maternal mortality is 562 deaths for every 100,000 births.

Mali’s average fertility rate is 6.3 children per woman.

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Change the World from Anywhere in the World

Season of Hope, reaching the communities that need it most.

The inspiration of a birth center in Mali came out of the work we have been doing in Haiti with the Birth center MamaBaby Haiti over the last several years.

Midwife Khamissa (a founding member of Season of Hope) grew up in this beautiful land of her ancestors. Her family has always been close to African traditions and the very inclusive type of family care in west Africa.

Over the years since she left Mali, she has remained in close touch with all my family members, my friends, and acquaintances there. That is how she is so aware of the socio-economic problems that are still so very present, especially surrounding women’s health.

After practicing Midwifery for over 20 years in Germany where Khamissa had the chance to meet and work with some wonderful colleagues and 6 years of working in the United States practicing out of hospital deliveries, she felt the desire to continue this important work in my own community.

We cannot thank you enough for the moral, emotional, and financial support that each one of you is willing to put into the realization of this project.

Our short-term goal is to collaborate with the existing medical facilities, be a support to them, practice locally, improve prenatal education, postpartum support as well as reflect on how our way of practice can complement their processes.

Our long-term goal is to have a facility on our own that can be managed through medical personnel on the ground.

We want to make this accessible to all our colleagues abroad to travel and support those pregnant moms, while practicing at the local birth center.

We want to collaborate with the Midwifery institutions in place and have locally trained Midwives running the birth center while we are in our respective countries.

Another long-term goal is to give the opportunity to student midwives across the world to come and practice with us, either for an internship or getting some work experience abroad. 

Our upcoming trip to Mali

Our first step is our upcoming trip in April 2023 to connect with local communities, the Ministry of Labor, and private and governmental clinics that are practicing Obstetric and deliveries. Our number one priority is creating a network with health care centers that are regional.

We are quickly approaching a new phase of the Mali project.

We are meeting with the Midwife Alliance in Mali to learn about their standard of practices, laws related to health care, and rules under which locally trained midwives are trained and practicing on a daily basis. We also want to hear about challenges in the selection of Midwives students as well as those already practicing in the field. 

We are meeting with administrative people responsible for representing the vision of the medical center/ Birth center we are planning on starting.